Delicious Chicken Stew





Habanero pepper

Bell pepper




Tomatoes paste

Vegetable oil




Curry powder

Black pepper


Paprika (optional)


Cut chicken into desired pieces, wash and remove excess water with a clean towel.

*Marinate your chicken and set aside ( find a video link of how to marinate your chicken in the comment section).


* After chicken marinates, grill in your oven or add to a pot, add diced onion and garlic, cover to simmer without water…the meat will produce some stock after few minutes on medium heat. Add half cup of water to the meat, adjust seasoning and salt, cover to cook for 10 minutes, not overcooked.

* Remove cooked chicken from the stock and set aside.

* Add a generous amount of vegetable oil in a pan, enough to fry your chicken. When heated, fry your chicken on low medium heat until light brown. Put in a sieve and set aside.

* Wash and blend your tomatoes, peppers, onions garlic and ginger until smooth.

* Pour blended tomato mix in a pot and allow to cook until the water dries ( this will help eliminate any sour taste from the tomatoes).

* Set your tomatoes aside when dried.

* Dice one large bulb of onion and few cloves of garlic.

* Pour your vegetable oil in a pot (preferably the one used to fry your chicken). Add more if the oil is not enough.

* When the oil heats up, go in with your diced onion and garlic…fry until light brown.

* Add your tomato paste, stir and fry for 7 minutes.

* Add your parboiled tomatoes, stir to mix properly and allow to fry for 15 minutes, while you stir constantly to avoid burning.

* After 15 minutes, add your chicken stock ( the one used to cook your chicken) stir.

* Add your seasoning, salt and spices and herbs of choice (Rosemary, thyme, curry, paprika, basil, black pepper).

* Cover to come to a boil then add your fried chicken.

* Cover to cook for upto 15minutes.

* When your stew is well fried, and ready, you will see the oil settling above. ????????????

*Set aside and serve with your rice, pasta e.t.c.


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