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Copy Cat Hostess Zebra Cake

A yummy replica of a childhood favorite, this cake features a fluffy whipped cream filling sandwiched between two yellow cakes and covered in a white chocolate coating with a chocolate drizzle.



1 box yellow cake mix with required ingredients to bake


4 tsp I ce cold water

1 cup very cold heavy whipping cream


1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla or almond extract


16 oz vanilla almond bark

8 tbsp vegetable shortening

thick chocolate syrup


1 – Prepare the two cake as directed on the packaging and spread them evenly into two prepared pans of equal size. I used 9″ pans for the cake pictured. Bake about 17-20 minutes, until cake bounces back slightly when pressed in the center.

2 – Allow the cakes to cool slightly before transferring them from the cake pans to a wire rack to finish cooling completely. While the cakes are baking and then cooling, prepare the cream filling.

3 – In a mixing bowl that has been in the freezer for at least 5 minutes, use the whisk attachment to whip the cream, sugar and extract together until it starts to thicken. Once you see it come together, set the mixer to a high speed and whip until the filling is stiff. Refrigerate the cream until ready to use.

4 – Once the cakes are completely cooled, set the bottom cake onto a cake stand or a wire rack. Spread a thick, even layer of frosting out over the top. Gently set the other cake on top of the cream and press it down just a bit so that the cream comes to the edges, but doesn’t overflow.

5 – In a double boiler melt together, stirring occasionally until the almond bark (or white baking chocolate) and shortening are smooth and evenly incorporated.


6 – Set the cake stand over a wire rack that’s been placed onto a large baking sheet with rims all the way around (this prevents the excess chocolate from running all over your kitchen counters) or just leave them on the wire rack if transferring to a serving dish later on. Carefully pour the melted white chocolate over the cake so that as it runs over it coats the top and sides evenly and completely.

7 – Let the cake sit until the chocolate has completely cooled and ‘set’– about 15 minutes or so. At this point you can serve or refrigerate until ready to do so.

8 – Just before serving, drizzle the chocolate syrup over top in the classic Zebra Cake pattern.


If not serving immediately, this cake will need to be refrigerated until ready to use since it’s filling incorporates fresh cream which can spoil at room temp. The same goes for any leftovers.

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