Forzen Candy Grapes with Jello

Transform ordinary grapes into a fun and colorful treat! These Jello-coated grapes are easy to make and perfect for parties, snacks, or a refreshing dessert.


1 lb grapes
1 box raspberry jello
1 box berry blue jello
1 box orange jello
1 box lime jello
1 box lemon jello
1 box grape jello


1️⃣ Prep Grapes: Remove grapes from the stem and wash them thoroughly in a colander.

2️⃣ Prepare Jello: Pour one cup of water into a small dish. Place each jello flavor into separate small dishes or on paper plates.

3️⃣ Coat Grapes: Stick a toothpick into a grape, dip it in water, then roll it in the jello powder until well coated.

4️⃣ Freeze: Arrange the coated grapes on a parchment-lined cookie sheet by flavor. Freeze for at least an hour or until the grapes are frozen.

Sour Patch Grapes Version:

Ingredients: Use Jolly Rancher Jello flavors for a tangy twist.
Instructions: Follow the same steps as above, substituting the Jello flavors with Jolly Rancher Jello for a sour kick.

Freezing the grapes not only sets the jello but also turns them into a cool treat.
Experiment with different jello flavors to find your favorite combinations.


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