Savory Stuffed Breakfast Pancakes in the Chinese Style

Jian Bing, or Chinese-style savory-stuffed breakfast pancakes, are a well-liked and


traditional street cuisine that is especially well-liked for breakfast and is available across China. Providing a

These crispy, savory pancakes mix the ideal balance of tastes and sensations with a slightly chewy, crepe-like texture.

similar foundation topped with a range of contents, including eggs, pickled veggies, fresh herbs, and hoisin or chili

sauce. It’s an enticing choice since it has crunchy components like fried wonton or biscuits.

begin the day. Here’s a thorough recipe to make this delectable breakfast at home and share with a friend.

bring the tradition of Chinese street cuisine into your home.



* One cup flour (all-purpose)

* One cup of mung bean flour, or extra all-purpose flour in case mung bean flour is unavailable.

* Two cups of water

* A little pinch of salt


* Four big eggs

* TWO TSPOTS of hoisin sauce

* Two teaspoons of spicy sauce, or to taste

* One cup of green onions, cut finely

* One cup of fresh, roughly chopped cilantro

* One cup of pickled vegetables (daikon, carrots, etc.), finely chopped

* Four big crackers or crispy fried wontons

* Olive oil for cooking



* Combine the mung bean flour, water, salt, and all-purpose flour in a large basin. Until the beat

There are no lumps and the dough is smooth. For a smoother texture, allow it to settle for about fifteen minutes.

2. Getting the crepe ready:

* Preheat a crepe maker or nonstick frying pan over medium heat. Apply a little layer of oil to the pan to

stop it from adhering.

* Fill the mold’s middle with a ladleful of batter. To distribute, quickly tilt and rotate the pan.

the batter onto the pan’s bottom in a thin, equal layer.

* Crack an egg onto the batter’s surface, then swiftly spread it out with a spoon or

Use a spatula to cover the pancake. • Sprinkle some scallions on top of the egg and let the pancake to cook.

for one to two minutes, or until the bottom is gently browned and the sides start to come away from the pan.



* Drizzle the cooked side of the pancake with hoisin and chili sauces. Include some of the pickling

veggies together with fresh cilantro.

* To add a crunchy touch, use a cookie or crispy fried wonton in the middle.4. SERVE AND FOLD:

* Gently fold the pancake in half over the contents with a spatula, then fold it again to create a quarter.

round. To condense the crispy portion and the contents, lightly press.

* Using a cutting board, place the pancake and chop into little pieces, or serve it whole for an

real street food encounter.

* To create additional pancakes, repeat the procedure with the leftover dough and fillings.meeting these

Chinese-style packed breakfast pancakes are a delectable and distinctive addition to any meal.

your daily schedule in the morning. With every mouthful, the savory flavor melds with the pancake’s soft, crunchy texture.

tastes of the fillings, creating a satisfying and appetizing breakfast choice. The fillings are customizable.

tailored to your tastes or dietary requirements to give this traditional Chinese street food a unique flair.



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