This Philly Cheesecake sandwich is excellent in its simplicity, being sticky, meaty, and delectable. This sandwich has stretched Philadelphia’s boundaries into frequent, casual, and enjoyable dinner table fare.

When you make your own Philly Cheesesteak, you can experiment with different cheeses, greens, bread, and pork chops until you find the perfect combination. The possibilities are limitless and tasty!

While Pat Oliveri, the owner of warm dogs in Philadelphia, thinks he’s getting weary of receiving dogs warm for lunch, this traditional sandwich was born. He bought some pork from a local butcher, grilled it, and stuffed it onto a warm dog bun. And just like that, the local obsession had arrived!

Ingredients :

2 lbs pork

2 little experienced bell peppers

1 huge yellow onion

1 lb. muushrooms

1 P cut ​​provolone cheese

2 tsps of oil

1 tsp salt

1 tsp ground pepper

Instructions :

Prepare all materials for philly cheesesteak. The secret is to cut pork into very thin slices. Cut peppers into long strips, onions into 1/2 jewels and mushrooms into small pieces.

Heaat an oil-based pan, and putting onions, paprika, also mushrooms on the mixture. Cooking on heat until all greens are golden brown. Removing from pan and set aside.

Pan with mushrooms, peppers and onions

Add the pork chops to an equal skillet, and season with salt and pepper. Cooking until pork is totally cooked. Add the vegetables down the back to the ham, and stir the whole mixture together. Cover with slices of cheese and let it sit for a minute to let it melt.

Pan with melted cheese over vegetables and slices of meatFill your sandwich bread with a mixture of meat and serve while the entire amount stays warm
Enjoy !

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